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Isaac Mendez
12 November 2030 @ 04:50 pm
Here we have a HMD post for Isaac Mendez, the original prophetic painter of Heroes fame.

If you notice anything about how I play him that just blatantly irks you or have any questions, feel free to tell me about it here. I'd appreciate if you kept it constructive and helpful, though. All comments are screened and anonymous is on.

Thank you~ ♥
Isaac Mendez
09 November 2030 @ 01:45 pm
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Isaac Mendez
26 December 2011 @ 03:03 pm
[Hey there hello there Barge. Have a young boy in an eye-searing, oversized sweater--not an unusual sight today. He's sitting in what is clearly Isaac's cabin, given the easels and canvases behind him, but he hasn't really noticed that this isn't his bedroom. He's too busy sitting on the floor with stacks of comic books piled around him, excitedly flipping through one.]

Uncle Burk gave me lots of good ones this year, didn't he, mama? Not even any I already have! I hope papa gets back soon so I can show him.

[He pauses, picking uncertainly at his sweater.] But I don't think I really like this sweater...it's kind of itchy. And too big and I don't even know who it's from. [Give him a moment to push the sleeves up here while giving the camera an uncertain look.] Do I have to..wear...it...?

[His voice trails off and his smile falls. Yep, he's noticed.] Where am I? This isn't my room.
Isaac Mendez
11 November 2011 @ 02:01 pm
Again? Hasn't this happened this year already?

...My name is Isaac Mendez. I'm sure I spoken to a few of you the last time this happened.

{OOC| Have at, anyone and everyone.}
Isaac Mendez
People have been leaving recently. Graduating. People who have been here for as long as I have or longer.

[He pauses for a moment, remembering how often he's been mistaken for a new arrival due to how private he is. Best to clear it up:] ...I've been here for almost two years.

I have a question to those of you who were inmates before or those of you who intend to stay when you graduate. Why would you choose to stay when you're given the option to go back home?

[Private to Cissie]
I have your file. I'll be honest and admit that I read it.

...Why didn't you ever tell me?
Isaac Mendez
25 August 2011 @ 12:48 am
[Hark! Isaac has returned from his little off-barge adventure hiatus thing. He looks his usual mopey self, but there's a clear added note of disappointment in both his voice and his expression. He consciously switched on the video feed, but he never actually looks at it, musing to himself more than to anyone else.]

I was gone. For a week--back home. It wasn't what I expected.

[A fairly long pause as Isaac gazes thoughtfully off into space, considering his next words.]

What are you supposed to feel when you finally have to accept that there's really nothing left for you to go back to? That even if you were still alive, no one would be waiting to welcome you back and you're the one to blame?

[Realizing that he's actually (gasp) opened up, he shakes his head, then cuts the feed suddenly. Short, but surprisingly talkative for him. Take it while you can, Barge.]
Isaac Mendez
13 August 2011 @ 06:45 pm
[Isaac is clearly a little confused. He's never fallen into a Barge coma before, and he doesn't quite seem comfortable with the fact that a few days have passed and he's just now waking up. He is a very busy man, dammit. Has paintings to paint and no social interaction to make. Sleep is the last thing he believes he needs.]

I think I fell asleep...for at least two days. There was a flood?

[Someone is a little disoriented.]

I don't even remember--what type of flood? What happened?

[Private to Cissie]

I'm sorry if you were trying to get in touch with me and couldn't. That hasn't ever happened to me before. Were you affected?
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Isaac Mendez
This is a bit of an odd request, but if it isn't too much trouble, can those of you whose cabins are on level six tell me your names and cabin numbers?

If you're concerned, I won't be bothering you. I've just been given an assignment by my warden.

[Yes. Isaac has been here for a year and a half and doesn't know any of his neighbors. Time to change that?:|]
Isaac Mendez
[Isaac has decided to spare you his lovely face today, but his voice sounds strained, like he's trying to bite back all the pain he can muster. He's way better off than a lot of you, but--floods don't normally involve physical pain right off the bat.]

God, what is this--? [He takes a moment to hiss in pain, and there's the sound of items crashing to the ground as he presumably stumbles his way to the bed. Heavy breathing, a few soft swears uttered between gritted teeth, and then he finally continues, halting every so often to cringe.]

I was starting to give the Admiral a benefit of the doubt, but-

It feels like someone is--like someone is twisting a knife into my back--God, please tell me this is as bad as it's going to get...

{OOC: Isaac's karma is a "stabbed in the back" sort of deal for ratting out Peter's location in his canon.:| I made it literal, though. No real wound, just crippling pain. SUPER FUN, AMIRITE? Also, responses might be a little slow.}